Improving Brand Loyalty

The one thing that you’ll notice in almost all brand advocates is that they all have an emotional connection with the brand they are loyal to. They even feel that they are being personally attacked when someone says anything negative about the brand. But how do you get people to feel this way about your organisation? How do you get them to invest their feelings into your cause, your products or services? To win your stakeholders and customers’ loyalty, you need to engage on a personal level. Here are three keys to help you tap into your audience’s emotions, convert your stakeholders into brand advocates, and increase brand loyalty: 1. Storytelling Storytelling, when done right, has the powe

How to Create a Social Media Policy for Your Organisation

In June 2015, BBC journalist Ahmen Khawaja, tweeted that Queen Elizabeth "has died." The reporter apparently considered a BBC practice for the woman's death to be real. Part of the repetition coincidentally occurred at a hospital that England's monarch was visiting for an annual check-up. The reporter, realising her mistake, immediately deleted the tweet and issued a "false alarm." She also claimed the mistake was the result of a "silly prank." The BBC contradicted Khawaja’s explanation of a joke, saying the accidental tweet was linked to the training exercise. In the meantime, the tweet went viral. The false news spread across social and traditional media, and some news outlets like CNN had

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