7 Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

The time you spend on marketing will likely mostly be spent on content. Content marketing comes with its challenges. Creating content requires that you master writing skills, video production, social media skills and project management. Fortunately, technology is available to us to make content marketing not just better and created easier but also more competitive. Here are 7 tools and techniques to help you with your content marketing efforts: 1. Writing Tools The content itself is the most important element of your marketing. It’s crucial that you deliver content that is accurate and professional. Plagiarism is the quickest way for your brand to lose credibility. Tools like Paper Rate

What Facebook’s News Feed Change Means for Communication Leaders

Is there anyone who is not on Facebook ? Although it has become less exciting because of its overuse, it is still relevant to each organisation needs. It’s clear that social media platforms, particularly Facebook, have greatly influenced how the communications industry has both pursued news leads and dispensed narratives to the public. Effectively using social media as part of a PR strategy has become inevitable. There’s even pressure surrounding producing a story that has a high social media sharing ability. After a tumultuous year for Facebook who has been blamed for the widespread of fake news particularly during the U.S.'s more controversial elections and the Brexit referendum, CEO Zucke

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