How to Tackle Fake News

According to the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, 64% of the citizens in the EU are worried about fake news or false information being used as a weapon. 57% say that it is getting harder to tell whether a piece of news was produced by a respected media organisation. "Fake news" was Collins Dictionary’s official Word of the Year for 2017. However, fake news is nothing new. It has been causing mass hysteria, harm, and even death since as far back as 13th century BC when Rameses spread lies and propaganda that described the Battle of Kadesh as a remarkable victory for the Egyptians. We can even blame fabrications for why in 30 BC, Marc Antony ultimately killed himself when false news of Cleopatra’

Most Important Branding Trends in 2018

One of the best corporate branding campaigns ever is that of Nike. When the company started, the products were made almost exclusively for marathon runners. When the fitness vogue emerged, the marketing department of the company knew they needed to take advantage of it to surpass Reebok which was their main competitor. The Just do it campaign was launched in 1988. During that year, Nike sales were at 877 million dollars. Ten years later, in 1998, sales exceeded 9,2 billion. The campaign was short and simple. Simplicity is the secret of all big ideas. It enclosed what people felt when they were exercising. People still have that feeling today. You don't want to swim two kilometers? Just do it

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