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Branding Agencies 2020: We are in the Top 40

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

A few days ago, StP Communications was ranked in the TOP 40 of Branding Agencies of 2020 that includes the top agencies that are experienced in helping businesses build meaningful relationships with their audiences through effective branding.

Trust is a corona victim

According to a recent survey, 36% of the companies in Belgium didn't have a crisis communication plan when the coronavirus broke out and was improperly prepared to communicate efficiently.

In times of crisis, employees, clients, suppliers, stakeholders and the public expect fast and clear communication. No brand is immune to a crisis and, it can arise from inside or outside the organisation. Risk and crisis communication strategies and policies are beneficial both for organisations and the public. They underpin an organisation’s overall risk management strategy and help stakeholders select among alternative tracks of action.

Thoroughly tested risk and crisis communication can help take the right decisions, improve emergency preparedness and response, improve transparency, reduce costs of disaster and increase the potential of acceptance of outcomes.Risk and crisis communications are valuable for everybody.

They enhance preparedness and possibility of response as they help to raise the level of awareness of citizens and their capacity to take the appropriate measures. The internet, social media, radio, television, newspapers and other channels can be used to transmit critically valuable information to as many people as possible.

The cost of a disaster can be reduced with relevant risk and crisis communication practices. These can help avoid new infections during a pandemic, can support the recall of products which are dangerous for the population, etc.

In the age of internet and social media, a misstep can blow up into a worldwide embarrassment on Facebook or Twitter where users, armed with virtual torches and pitchforks can destroy the career and the reputation of any organisation or CEO.

Decades of brand-building can be wiped out if an online attack stays undefended. Even large organisations have been known to make huge mistakes in their response to a crisis. They start with denying everything, then they refuse to comment and don't talk to the press.

Are you ready for the next crisis?

Many organisations are forced to think about so many different factors and act very fast: Who is our spokesperson? How are we communicating with affected staff/stakeholders/clients? Do we need to have a media statement ready? Should we send out a press release? Which internal teams need to be involved in the conversation? How do we minimise the impact on our stakeholders/clients?

Crisis communication planning is essential for your business to succeed and overcome any issue. Ensuring that you are in control of any situation allows you to promote your company while protecting your reputation.

StP Communications provides the right response for any scenario. We are ready to work with your management team, legal advisor and communications team to create and execute the right response for any situation.

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