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8 Great Podcasts on EU Affairs

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

EU podcasts

Podcasts are growing in popularity so much so that the number of people listening to podcasts each month has doubled in the US over the past five years.

Nevertheless, in Europe, they are still a relatively new phenomenon due to differences in media culture and technology use.

Particularly popular among younger audiences and digital natives, podcasts are appropriate for long-form audio content such as interviews and debates focusing deeper into certain topics than radio programmes for the general public usually can.

There is a big difference between a radio programme and a podcast. Podcasting is not only a new medium for listening to content but also a new, more intimate form of storytelling.

Podcasts can help an increasing number of listeners to follow closely the fast-moving and often overwhelming news cycle about EU affairs.

Here is my top 8 of podcasts that discuss politics and current events relevant to the EU and Europe at large:

1. EU Confidential - Politico

Ryan Heath's weekly podcast and newsletter presents keynote interviews, quotes, and weekend reads on the European Union. Highly fascinating for all those interested in EU affairs and serious in-depth coverage. In the summer of 2019, Ryan moved to Washington, continuing to work with Politico there. Cristina Gonzalez is the new EU Confidential producer. Politico Europe is a joint-venture between Politico, based in the U.S. and Germany's Axel Springer SE.

E!Sharp is one of the oldest (online) magazines on EU affairs in Brussels. It started with a printed version in 2002 with as purpose to engage a wider audience and provide thought provoking analysis on the EU and Europe’s place in the world. Via debate, commentary and humour, it demystifies the complexity of the European Union. Paul Adamson, the E!Sharp founder, produces one of the longest running podcasts in Brussels.

Bruegel is a European think tank based in Brussels that specialises in economics. The Sound of Economics is Bruegel's podcast series exploring Europe’s economic policy debates. Each episode gathers prominent experts and researchers to discuss the importance of issues covered such as finance, banking, trade, migration, etc.

REMAINIACS is a Brexit podcast for everyone who believes that leaving the EU is a bad idea. Remainiacs are not sick of experts and are not going to shut up and get over it. Presented by Dorian Lynskey of The Guardian with Ian Dunt of, Naomi Smith of Best For Britain & Ros Taylor of the LSE.

A moderately amusing podcast about Europe hosted by Katy Lee and Dominic Kraemer. It is one of the must-listen shows of 2018 according to Buzzfeed. The Europeans is not only about politics, but they also talk about artists and musicians and other people who are doing interesting cultural projects around Europe, and what’s been making people laugh from Italy to Finland. Love it! New episodes every Tuesday.

Inside Europe is a weekly radio show with a focus on European topics. A news magazine by Deutsche Welle, the German public international broadcasting services. It is hosted by Helen Seeney & Keith Walker and explores the topical issues shaping Europe.

If you believe it is time for an edgy pro-European and non-corporate voice, then EU Scream is what you are looking for. James Kanter and his team talk about how populists and extremists are shaping a dark future for Europe.

I like this podcast of the EU delegation in Washington. They run interviews with EU commissioners, historians, social movement and civil society leaders, ambassadors and economists. Each episode explores not only the topic at hand, but also how it impacts the EU-U.S. relationship.

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