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Crisis Communications in the Digital Age: the Book

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

We look to leaders when crisis strikes. Indeed, responding to a crisis goes to the very root of leadership. My new book highlights the changing landscape of risk and crisis communications provides best cases and explores different practices for saving your reputation in the age of viral media.

"Saving your reputation in the Digital Age" is about how to manage your crisis communications and what to do when the reputation you have built over decades is destroyed in one day.

It is intended for readers with diverse disciplinary backgrounds and from different corporate and organisational levels. It is also designed for entrepreneurs, associations and individuals who want to acquire useful insight into the most significant roles of crisis communication.

In the book, I describe how to support communication, develop and implement a successful action plan for communicating effectively with the public, engaging with communities, clients, partners and key stakeholders.

My analysis considers questions like:

• how to handle crisis communications in the digital age

• how to develop an effective crisis communications plan

• how to tackle disinformation & fake news

• why "no comment" is almost always the wrong answer

• why you still have to tell the truth, even if it is painful

Reputation, trust, credibility, confidence, trustworthiness, acceptability, respectability are all words that are intimately connected with each other. However, most trust dialogue in today's world is about the trust deficit.

Communication is an essential skill that a leader can possess. It is fundamental in building trust. It contributes to the creation of an environment of credibility that enables them to take decisions effectively and deliver results.

The main goal of risk and crisis communication is to enable consistent communication during a crisis. It is a critical organisation action and plays a vital role in the crisis response by helping to develop the right messages that are sent to various publics.

This book will help you to prepare for new and unanticipated crises and, to improve situation awareness in our chaotic and interconnected world. It will help you to take full advantage of the digital era and respond as a leader to real-life crises. You will find strategies and best practices and, some excellent and some dire crisis communications case studies.

This first edition is in digital form.

You can buy the book here

You can contact StP Comms here

StP Comms provides strategic communications advice & services to help clients manage overall positioning and transformative events affecting their reputation, organisation and market value. Collaboration, excellence and integrity are core to our culture and critical to the high quality of service we give.

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